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How often do we want to communicate with other people but we cannot do it because we do not speak their language, or if we do it, we do not find the appropriate words to really convey our message?

We know our message is important and we want other people to understand it.

My name is María Laura Palmisano. I am an English<>Spanish Sworn Translator and Interpreter. Through translations, I help people and companies to convey their message efficiently, using the appropriate language.

Goals may be different: traveling and learning about new cultures, becoming well-known abroad, importing or exporting a product. However, all those goals share something in common: translations will be used as a mean of communication to achieve them.

I can help you by getting involved in your project!

I will get in contact with you to know better which your goal is in order to offer you the solution that best adapts to your needs.

The art of translation and interpretation has always caught my attention. I have literally fallen in love with the power and magic that words have when conveying a message. For this reason, I decided to become a language professional.

I am fascinated with languages.

Currently, my working languages are English and Spanish but I do not disregard the idea of working with other languages that I am learning such as Italian and Portuguese.

I graduated as a Sworn Translator in 2013 and that year I got licensed at the Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires (CTPCBA, for its acronym in Spanish) and at the Association of Sworn Translators and Interpreters of the Province of Buenos Aires (CTPIPBA, for its acronym in Spanish). Since then, I have been working with several people who needed their documents to be signed and sealed by a licensed translator in order to be valid abroad. I have also worked with entrepreneurs of different fields, such as: beer brewing and with international companies like Kasdorf (Danone). That is the way I have specialized in agribusiness translation.

In addition, after graduating as an interpreter in 2017, I started working with NGOs and civil organizations from Argentina and the United States. I provided interpretation services to ease communication between them. Apart from that, I translated advertising material for them.

Translation and languages are certainly a perfect solution for people and companies.

Do you want to know what can this perfect combination do for you?

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