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Tell me about your event, conference or presentation and I will help you choosing the modality of interpretation that best suits your needs.


Real-time English/Spanish translation.
Ideal for conferences, courses, seminars and meetings with a big audience.
Fixed interpretation devices (booth) are needed to do this job.

An additional interpreter may be needed according to the duration of the event.


The interpreter listens the whole speech or part of it. When the speaker stops talking, the interpreter translates.
Ideal for events with a small audience such as interviews and press conferences.
The interpreter only needs a pen, a notepad and his memory.


Simultaneous translation for a very small audience.
Ideal for outdoor events and tours.
Portable equipment needed.

Let’s convey your message in the best possible way!

Write to me and I will contact you.


English<>Spanish subtitling service for any kind of videos:

  • Institutional
  • Corporate
  • Advertising
  • Testimonial
  • Explanatory

Do you know some people have more visual memory than auditory memory? Including a video in your event might be a good idea depending on the complexity of the topic you are discussing.

Subtitle your video and thus, your audience will understand it!

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