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Do you need to import or export products or raw material?

I can translate any kind of document related to agri-food, animal and plant health:

  • Manuals on animal welfare
  • GMP
  • SSOP
  • Halal and Kosher slaughter and processing
  • Laboratory reports
  • International Zoosanitary Certificates
  • Forms
  • Import Permits
  • Export Permits
  • Manual of Procedures
  • Acts
  • Decrees
  • Resolutions
  • Decisions
  • Regulations
  • Directives
  • Circular Letters
  • Notices
  • Machinery manuals

Entities such as Senana, the Customs House or the National Administration of Drugs, Food and medical Devices (A.N.M.A.T, for its acronym in Spanish) often supervise this type of documents. For this reason, your documents should be available both in English and in Spanish.

Bear in mind that translating your documents is not enough!

The translation of documents related to the foreign trade of agri-products, genetic material, livestock, agricultural inputs, feedstuff and agricultural equipment should be very accurate. Where animal and public health is involved, a minimum mistake can lead to the rejection of documents needed to trade your product or raw material in the country.

Let's work together to avoid this happening!

Documents must be translated and sealed by a licensed sworn translator. Besides, translations must be authenticated by the Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires (CTPCBA, for its acronym in Spanish) or by the Association of Sworn Translators and Interpreters of the Province of Buenos Aires (CTPIPBA, for its acronym in Spanish).

Agribusiness translations are very complex and they need to be done by a specialist.

Write to me and I will contact you.

If you are both an entrepreneur and a speaker and if you have an English-speaking audience, you may find very useful the interpretation services I offer.

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